Ocular Services on Demand

Ocular Services On Demand (OSOD) is an integrated consulting consortium of internationally recognized experts in vision science specializing in the delivery of world-class services to accelerate identification and development of lead ocular therapeutics and devices.  OSOD focuses on providing expertise in the design and execution of preclinical studies in the course of drug development while EyeKor focuses on delivery of services in support of human clinical trials.

In 2012, OSOD began collaboration with EyeKor, LLC. in order to be able to provide the full spectrum of vision science services throughout the entire life cycle of ocular drug development from preclinical through clinical.   A unique software platform, EXCELSIOR™,  developed by EyeKor, dramatically improves real-time management of complex ophthalmic trials. Eyekor also provides consultation, training, certification, and monitoring to support a diverse array of ophthalmic clinical trials.


University of Wisconsin Fundus Photograph Reading Centers

The Fundus Photograph Reading Center (FPRC) is an independent organization within the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Incepted in 1970 to support the seminal NIH funded trials of laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy, FPRC has developed expertise in the evaluation of many ocular diseases, including neovascular AMD, atrophic AMD, diabetic macular edema, retinal vein occlusion macular edema, posterior uveitis, retinal dystrophies, AIDS-related ocular disease and cataract. Through its collaborations with NIH, the FPRC has developed the gold standard grading protocols for diabetic retinopathy and AMD. These and other grading protocols have been employed in the successful completion of numerous Phase 3 trials for many indications.