An Imaging Company for Ophthalmic Clinical Trials
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EyeKor provides imaging management and analysis services for ophthalmic clinical and preclinical studies, through an innovative technology platform that allows unprecedented ability to track study progress and share image data among study stakeholders (sponsors, CROs, clinical sites, reading centers, and clinical experts).

From clinical site certification through grading data export, EyeKor can manage each step of clinical trial imaging through their unique Excelsior platform which is the medium for sharing and transfer of data and information between clinical sites, reading centers, CROs and sponsors with maximum transparency.  The ease of access and control of workflow available within Excelsior makes global ophthalmic trials involving multiple different reading centers for analysis of multiple modalities not only feasible but practical.





Implementing quantitive and objective diagnostic biomarkers is a critical element in clinical trial protocol design and execution. Eyekor and its partners has deep expertise to assist you choosing the right biomarkers that reflect accurately the characteristics of disease progression and treatment effects.


The long and winding road toward an ophthalmic trial begins well before the clinic. Through its partnership with ocular services on demand (OSOD) and the EXCELSIOR™ preclinical platform, Eyekor can establish your path toward success from laboratory to clinical trials, and beyond.


A successful journey requires all equipment working in concert; the same applies to conducting a clinical trial. A successful multi-center trial requires intrinsic understanding of various imaging techniques, developing meaningful outcome correlations, and formulating computational methodologies that yield high sensitivity and specificity.


As a sponsor of an upcoming clinical trial, you may ask "How will I make sure this trial, with multiple imaging endpoints, is a success?" using EXCELSIOR™ - Eyekor's cloud-based, FDA 510(K) cleared data management system, Eyekor will support you and your team through every phase of your expedition.


EXCELSIOR™ is a first-of-its kind application with cloud-based architecture designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in the collection and interpretation of ophthalmic clinical trial