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EXCELSIOR™ Preclinical

EXCELSIOR™ Preclinical

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Expanding Successful Solutions

With the addition of EXCELSIOR™ Preclinical, EyeKor has expanded is offerings and solutions to ophthalmic trial stakeholders. EXCELSIOR™ Preclinical applies EyeKor's signature workflow management, image evaluation and data accessibility to foster a greater collaboration between all active parties. Simultaneously, it meets the specific needs of the preclinical trial environment.

A Full Spectrum of Services

The long and winding road toward an ophthalmic trial begins well before the clinic. Through its partnership with Ocular Services On Demand (OSOD) and the EXCELSIOR™ Preclinical platform, EyeKor can establish your path toward success from laboratory to clinical trials, and beyond.

OSOD's consortium of renowned experts provides the field of ocular drug and device development with unparalleled experience in comparative ophthalmology. Through its long-standing partnership with OSOD, EyeKor is able to bridge the gap between development and the clinic, providing a full spectrum of comparative vision science and ophthalmic imaging services. Our team of experts are pleased to provide consultation, training, and certification in virtually all areas of preclinical ophthalmic imaging. 

Built to Meet Regulatory Requirements

EXCELSIOR™ is EyeKor's first-of-its-kind, FDA 501(k)-cleared, cloud-based software platform, that has revolutionized the management of ophthalmic imaging data in clinical trials. These same robust functionality is now available for use in preclinical investigations through EXCELSIOR™ Preclinical.  EXCELSIOR™ Preclinical's customizable software is designed to help your team manage the full spectrum of preclinical study types and imaging modalities, and to harmonize findings with ophthalmic examination data. Furthermore, real-time reporting functions and access to expert analysis will help study teams track, organize, visualize, and understand data, facilitating meaningful interpretation and informed decision-making. 

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