An Imaging Company for Ophthalmic Clinical Trials
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Our Story

Our Story


Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the global technology and service company providing imaging data management and analysis services in the ophthalmic field, and a trusted partner to our customers with shared values in providing the best possible impact to the patients through discovering and developing new therapeutics for ocular diseases.



Mission Statement

Ophthalmology-specific, customer-centric, and technologically-innovative, we are dedicated to deliver excellence in data management and analysis services for ophthalmic clinical and preclinical studies, through superior quality, services, and deep scientific expertise.



Quality Policy

EyeKor, Inc. strives to provide safe, reliable, efficient, high quality data analysis and management for clinical trials to the medical device, ophthalmic diagnostics, and therapeutics industries. We are committed to consistently meeting all applicable regulatory requirements, by maintaining and improving an effective and efficient quality management system and associated quality objectives.


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