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Our Partners

Our Partners

Our unique partnering principles are focused on relationship, on establishing a long-term alliance with organizations with world-class expertise in ocular testing, so that together we can support you as you make your journey through the drug discovery process, from pre-clinical design through clinical trials. 


University of Wisconsin Fundus Photograph Reading Centers (FPRC)

FPRC is an independent research unit within the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Incepted in 1970 to support the seminal NIH funded trials of laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy, FPRC has developed expertise in the evaluation of many other ocular diseases, including neovascular AMD, atrophic AMD, diabetic macular edema, retinal vein occlusion, posterior uveitis, retinal dystrophies, AIDS-related ocular disease and cataract. Through its collaborations with NIH, the FPRC has developed the gold standard grading protocols for diabetic retinopathy and AMD. These and other grading protocols have been employed in the successful completion of numerous Phase 3 randomized clinical trials.

EyeKor and FPRC are strategic partners in many federal and industry sponsored clinical trials, in which FPRC brings in the rigor of independent grading of complex disease phenotypes, and EyeKor brings in the cloud-based technology to enable seamless workflow and image management. The symbiotic relationship between EyeKor and FPRC has served our sponsors well.
— Barbara Blodi, MD, Medical Director, Fundus Photograph Reading Center

Ocular Services on Demand (OSOD)

OSOD is an integrated consulting consortium of internationally recognized experts in vision science specializing in the delivery of world-class services to accelerate identification and development of lead ocular therapeutics and devices.  OSOD focuses on providing expertise in the design and execution of preclinical studies in the course of drug development while EyeKor focuses on delivery of services in support of human clinical trials. Together, OSOD and EyeKor provides the full continuum of vision science services throughout the entire life cycle of ocular drug development from preclinical through clinical.  

Maculogix - Advanced Retinal diagnostics

MacuLogix is a pioneer in the early detection and tracking of retinal diseases. The instrument, AdaptDx®, is the first practical instrument for measurement of dark adaptation, which is known to be substantially impaired in retinal diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), retinitis pigmentosa (RP), and other inherited macular dystrophies. This early, valuable insight has the potential to change the way these diseases are managed. The AdaptDx has been validated in numerous clinical studies, involving more than 1,000 patients, conducted at major research centers such as Harvard University, the National Eye Institute and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  In 2011, the AdaptDx received FDA 510(k) clearance for measurement of dark adaptation function. A number of pharmaceutical companies are using the AdaptDx in the development of next generation AMD drugs.

IROC Science

Zurich, Switerland-based IROC Science, AG, specializes in providing consulting services for translational research in ophthalmology. Its team of world renowned researchers create value for the ophthalmic industry and clinicians through applied research, product development and clinical trial services. Founded by Prof. Dr. Michael Mrochen, IROC Science focuses on medical devices in the field of vision, light and optics. Since 2000, Prof. Mrochen has also served as co-founder of the International Congress of Wavefront Sensing, and since 2004, as a co-founder of the International Congress of Corneal Cross Linking. He was awarded both the Troutman Award from the International Society of Refractive Surgery in 2003, and the Swiss Technology Award for the development of customized contact lenses in 2005.

IROC Science AG has greatly benefited from the application of the Excelsior platform in an ophthalmic clinical study. As study sponsor it provided us excellent access to study progress information, such as patient recruitment rates, queries and adverse effect events to permit us to efficiently execute the study. EyeKor provided all the support required to ensure a smooth running of the trial.
— Dr. Mark Talary, Senior R&D Consultant, IROC Science AG

Ethis Healthtech, LLC

Ethis Healthtech, LLC, serves early-stage and emerging firms in the fields of eyecare and mobile/digital healthcare by providing market planning and support, and strategic communications. Working with EyeKor as an exclusive sales and marketing partner, the Ethis Healthtech team can draw upon decades of experience in ophthalmology and optometry to support all aspects of EyeKor's growth activities.