As a sponsor of an upcoming clinical trial, you may ask "How will I make sure this trial, with multiple imaging endpoints, is a success?" Using EXCELSIOR™ - EyeKor’s cloud-based, FDA 510(k) cleared data management system, EyeKor will support you and your team through every phase of your expedition. 

As a top-ranked global CRO with a large footprint in ophthalmology, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with EyeKor in several large international trials. Our global CRA workforce has been using the Excelsior platform to monitor technician and instrument certification, data submission and query response in real time for each of the clinical sites. For us, the instant availability of information is a valuable tool to ensure the quality and timeliness we are proud to deliver to our sponsors.
— Lori Helgeson, Project Director II, Ophthalmology, INC Research