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Implementing quantitative and objective diagnostic biomarkers is a critical element in clinical trial protocol design and execution. EyeKor and its partners has deep expertise to assist you choosing the right biomarkers that reflect accurately the characteristics of disease progression and treatment effects.


A successful journey requires all equipment working in concert; the same applies to conducting a clinical trial. A successful multi-center trial requires intrinsic understanding of various imaging techniques, developing meaningful outcome correlations, and formulating computational methodologies that yield high sensitivity and specificity. 


EXCELSIOR™ is a first-of-its kind application with cloud-based architecture designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in the collection and interpretation of ophthalmic clinical trial data.


The long and winding road toward an ophthalmic trial begins well before the clinic. Through its partnership with Ocular Services On Demand (OSOD) and the EXCELSIOR™ Preclinical platform, EyeKor can establish your path toward success from laboratory to clinical trials, and beyond.


As a sponsor of an upcoming clinical trial, you may ask "How will I make sure this trial, with multiple imaging endpoints, is a success?" Using EXCELSIOR™ - EyeKor’s cloud-based, FDA 510(k) cleared data management system, EyeKor will support you and your team through every phase of your expedition. 

EyeKor and FPRC are strategic partners in many federal and industry sponsored clinical trials, in which FPRC brings in the rigor of independent grading of complex disease phenotypes, and EyeKor brings in the cloud-based technology to enable seamless workflow and image management. The symbiotic relationship between EyeKor and FPRC has served our sponsors well.
— Barbara Blodi, MD, Medical Director, Fundus Photograph Reading Center
IROC Science AG has greatly benefited from the application of the Excelsior platform in an ophthalmic clinical study. As study sponsor it provided us excellent access to study progress information, such as patient recruitment rates, queries and adverse effect events to permit us to efficiently execute the study. EyeKor provided all the support required to ensure a smooth running of the trial.
— Dr. Mark Talary, Senior R&D Consultant, IROC Science AG