An Imaging Company for Ophthalmic Clinical Trials

What We Do

What We Do

You are about to embark on a journey through the clinical trials process, one that will end in a successful therapeutic for an ocular disease. You have the vision to get there, but you need a guide, expertise from those who have made the journey successfully before, and the right gear to make the trip. We are here to help.

Our Mission

EyeKor, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with image and data management services for your clinical trials, and to guide you through the journey. Through EyeKor, you will have access to world-class partners including clinical trials imaging experts, reading centers with expertise across a broad range of ocular testing, consultants in clinical trial design, experts in ophthalmic data reading and interpretation, as well as site-training, certification and monitoring. Our imaging expertise covers a full spectrum of ocular testing methods, including fundus photography and angiography, optical coherence tomography, fundus autofluorescence imaging, corneal endothelial cell analysis, dark adaptation, and electrophysiological testing. Your journey to a successful therapeutic will benefit greatly from our extensive clinical trials experience as we work with you from end-to-end.

By partnering with us, you will have access to our software platform – advanced, cloud-based EXCELSIOR™ software – FDA 510(k) cleared and specifically designed for image and data collection and management of ophthalmic clinical trials. With this state-of-the-art gear you can keep track of your journey’s progress through real-time data quality and image tracking, status reports, harmonization of image analysis and grading, as well as key performance metrics reporting.

By allowing us to guide you to your destination, you will benefit from our unparalleled network of expertise and technology, and our advanced EXCELSIOR™ platform, all of which will expedite and enhance your biopharmaceutical development process. Let’s begin our journey together.